Digital Jewels Africa Cares Scholarship 2023: Digital Jewels Africa organises the Dj Cares Scholarship to become Africa’s trusted guide in the emerging knowledge economy by providing high-quality training, e-learning and specialised recruitment services.

Through the Dj Cares Scholarship, Digital Jewel Cares Africa seeks to provide career guidance to enable experienced and inexperienced professionals to develop skills relevant to the information age.

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Benefits of Digital Jewels Africa Cares Scholarship

  • A Dj Cares Scholarship beneficiary will receive an N200,000.00 cash prize to support pursuing an IT-related degree.
  • Apart from the scholarship, there will be opportunities for placement by Digital Jewels during holidays, designated Industrial Training Periods, and Youth Service.

Requirements for Digital Jewels Africa Cares Scholarship Qualification

To be eligible for the Dj Cares scholarship award selection, candidates must ensure they meet all criteria stated below.

  • IT-related course of study. Precisely, Computer Science (single or combined degree), Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • GPA of at least 3.75/5 each semester since university enrollment.
  • Must not be more than 23 years old by Oct. of the application year
  • Must have spent at least 2yrs in university
  • Must have English language proficiency (oral & written).
  • Must produce two (2) credible references, 1 of which must be a reference from your current institution, e.g. H.O.D, Dean, etc.

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Documents Required for Application

Students who meet eligibility criteria would write and submit an essay under 500 words on one of the three topics below.

  • Balancing innovation and security: The Ethical Dilemma of AI-enabled deep fakes in information technology and what it means for information security.
  • Tech Literacy and Its Importance in the 21st Century: Analyze the importance of tech literacy in today’s world and how it impacts personal growth and opportunities.
  • My Digital Footprint: Understanding the Impact of My Online Presence: Reflect on your online activities and discuss how your digital footprint can affect your future education and career prospects.

Application Deadline

Not Specified

How to Apply Digital Jewels Africa Cares Scholarship.

Digital Jewels Africa Cares Scholarship 2023 For African Students
DJ Cares Scholarship

Interested and qualified? Go to Digital Jewels Africa on to apply.

  • Students who have successfully written their essays and are ready to upload them will continue the application process by clicking the “Apply” button below to enable them to fill in their data and upload essays. Note: file must be in pdf format.
  • The amount available & tenor is fixed. Only one person/family will benefit over five years.
  • Relations/wards of Digital Jewels staff or partner/associated companies are not eligible to apply.
  • Quarterly feedback is to be sought from the HOD.
  • The scholarship may be withdrawn where academic performance, attitude & value system fall below-stipulated expectations after selection/award.
  • Applicants must NOT currently be a beneficiary of any other scholarship scheme.