How To Edit Tables In Microsoft Word: Microsoft word is a word processing application that is used for summation of various activities.

Such as typing, editing, formatting, painting, styling, sorting, tabulating and printing of documents. You can actually make a good table out of Microsoft word.

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How To Edit Tables In Microsoft Word.

This article writes more knowledge about how to create tables and also edit them in Microsoft Word.

You will agree with me that so may people have this challenge of manipulating tables, most especially in Microsoft Word.

This article will guide you on easy method with lot of screenshot for more details and clarification.

How To Insert Tables In Word

To insert tables, you have to launch the application first, then go to the insert menu which is at the top side of the opened window. Then click on tables and select insert tables.

You will be directed to select the number of columns and rows that will be needed for the job to be done, you may wish to know the differences between columns and rows.

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The columns are the lines that run from top to bottom which is vertical while the  rows are the lines that runs from the left side through the right side of the page view.

Below is a screenshot for a clearer view.

How To Edit Tables In Microsoft Word

Above is a clear view of columns and rows selection in Microsoft Word. This gives you a good chance of numbering your tables as you wish.

Below is a view of 6 columns and 20 rows.

How To Insert Tables In Word

After a successful table insertion, you may want to edit or merge some cells together. This requires combining two or more cells together for make up one as the one below.

How To Edit Tables In Microsoft Word

All you have to do is just to select the portion you want to combine and right click on it, select the merge option. This will combine the cells.

You may also want to space out or compress the space of each cell visible, this is possible when you point your cursor over the lines of the tables, the arrow changes to a two sided one. Then you can adjust as quick as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions;

How do I adjust a table to add a subheading at the top:

Answer: If you have your typing done without a subheading or a topic, you have to click a the first cell on the table and hit the enter key. This will push the already inserted table downward, giving permission for something else to be typed at the top.

How can I delete and unwanted row?

Answer: Have a cell to be hidden or deleted, point your cursor by the left edge or the right edge, then right click over it and select the option delete rows and shift upwards.

This is also applicable to the columns too.

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