How To Print Selected Pages In Word: Microsoft word is a word processing software which enables varies activities to be carried on it.

Activities such as typing, editing, retrieving, restoring, saving, painting, formatting and even printing.

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How To Print Selected Pages In Word.

After typing and doing the necessary editing, printing is the last stage after all those activities have been concluded.

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The challenge of printed just some selected number of pages will be no more after a thorough reading of this article.

The usefulness of deciding what to print and how to print it is very clear in this write up.

How To Print Selected Pages.

There are different ways to print from Microsoft word, you may want to print all the pages typed or on selection of pages.

To print all the pages, you just have to press the Control and P key simultaneously or go to the file/office button, the click on print then you have to select the printer that the document is to be sent to.

Then select the print option. This prints all the pages.But if you wish to print on selection, this could either be a number of selected pages or just a page printout.

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If you are printing on selection, you have to type the number of pages required to be printed. Note that this is different from the number of copies to be printed.

You can print from page one to six by simply typing 1 – 6. This will print the first six pages. In circumstances where you want to print selected pages with different numbers, you have to demarcate with a comma sign, which is 3,7,9,10,15,28.

This will print the six pages as numbered. Which means, pages one and two will be skipped, then page three prints, then page five and six skipped as well, then page seven prints, also page eight will be skipped and page nine and page ten prints.

Page eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen will be skipped while page fifteen prints. Pages from sixteen through twenty seven will be skipped and the lasted modified number which is twenty eight will print.

Another method of printing selected pages is by highlighting the text in a page. This will only print the selected text and all the text visible on the page will appear, except for the one selected with the mouse or cursor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I print images from Microsoft Word?

Answer: Yes, of cause. You can. All you have to do is to get your images well aligned to suit the margin of your printer.

Can I save a document as PDF through Word?

Answer: This is very possible as you will have to click on the ‘Save As’ option and change the file type to PDF or you select the publish to PDF which is on the office button.

This topic has also been treated in one of our articles, please read this How To Convert Files To Portable Document Format for more details.

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