How To Transfer INEC Voters Data To Another Polling Unit: Every citizen has the right to live in any part of his/her country.

When you register your data in a particular unit, you have the chance to vote only at that polling unit. In case of relocation or immigration to a different vicinity, you can fill a form for transfer of your INEC data to another polling unit.

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How To Transfer INEC Voters Data To Another Polling Unit.

Wondering if this is possible? Yes it is.

The federal government has made it easy for every citizen of the Nigeria Republic to transfer his/her voters data from one polling unit to another.

Carefully read the guides in this article to know how to go about a transfer of voters data.

Polling Unit.

Polling unit is an accredited centre where voters registration can be done and casting of votes too. Individuals are advised to register their votes at locations close to their place of residence.

This is because, there is possibly no movement of vehicles on the fixed date of election. Permitted persons are INEC officials.

How To Transfer INEC Voters Data To Another Polling Unit.

To transfer your voters data from one polling unit to another, go to, click on the new registration button. If you already have an account with INEC, you just have to sign in with your email address and password.

For fresh page registration, fill all the columns provided for you to give information about yourself. Then activate your mail and have a record of your password.

When you sign in to the portal, list of items will be needed to filled, such as;

  • State of origin.
  • Local government area.
  • Last Name/Surname.
  • First Name.
  • Date of Birth.
    – Only Year is Required. You can leave the Month and Day empty if you are not sure
  • Polling Unit Code (Optional).
    E.g 23-05-04-003
  • Voter Identification Number (Optional) (VIN).
  • Gender (Optional).
  • You will be asked if you are doing the process for yourself or assisting someone.

The screenshot below will give a clear view of what you expect in the form for transfer of voters data.

How To Transfer INEC Voters Data To Another Polling Unit

Ensure that the information supplied in each of the columns are correct. Then click on ‘Search Record’ button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many times can I request for a transfer of polling unit?

Answer: As long as you remain a good citizen of the Nigerian Republic, you are free to request for transfer of INEC voters data in as much as there is a change of environment.

How can I cast my vote?

Answer: On the election day, proceed to your polling unit. The INEC officials are available to direct you what to do for a successful vote casting.

Can I use my voters card in any polling point?

Answer: Yes you can but on the condition that you have requested for a transfer of voters data and have met the requirement hence. Then you can vote at the new polling unit.

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