How To Transfer Money Using Mobile Phone in Nigeria: Mobile transfer is gradually taking over bank deposits.

You may ask ‘How’? Oh yes it is. It is more convenient to pay your bills at your convenience than stressing out to the bank to make deposit to various accounts.

Before I teach you how to make transfers using your mobile phones, I will like you to go through this article with a compiled list of various banks USSD codes for mobile transfers.

Click on Complete List Of All Nigeria Bank USSD Codes (Mobile Banking) for more details on how to activate your bank’s USSD code for transfers.

How To Transfer Money Using Mobile Phone in Nigeria.

The habit of queuing in the bank for payments you can actually make from your comfort is very frustrating.

Banking system has changed and it is now promising and flexible. You could do all sort of transactions from your aboard without loosing anything.

This article will give you a full detail of how to transfer money with your mobile phone.

At the top of this article, i pasted a link with a compilation of complete banks USSD codes in Nigeria. That is the first step to take before you can be enabled to make transfer of money from your bank account to any other type of bank.

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You have to activate your bank’s USSD code first on the registered sim before you can be eligible for transfers.

Note that, depending on the type of account you opened, you may have limitations of amount to transfer to a different account on daily basis.

This doesn’t stop you from paying off your bills when you wish to. You can always hurry to the bank for an account update.

How To Transfer Money.

On your phone dial, type out your bank’s USSD code, for instance, if you bank with ‘GTCO’ the former GT Bank, you have to dial *737#.

Read through the processes carefully and select your options wisely. You can transfer to same bank or to a different bank.

below is a screenshot of how it works.

How To Transfer Money

After you must have accepted the charges behind the mobile money transfer, you can go on and fill in the account number to be transferred to.

NB: Always confirm the amount to be sent and the account name before you complete the transfer by clicking on send.

Aside the use of USSD codes for money transfers, you can also download your bank’s app for transfers too.

To achieve this, you have to sign in to your google play store account, then install or download the app first. Sign in with your user I.D which is usually sent by the bank.

Here is a preview of the insider app.

How To Transfer Money Using Mobile Phone in Nigeria

With these steps, you can make transfer of money easily.

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