How To Upload Facebook Profile Cover Photo: Facebook is an online website which permits users to connect with friends.

Facebook make it easy for communication between friends, colleagues and even people they don’t know.

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How To Upload Facebook Profile Cover Photo.

This social media app has done more good than harm to the society at large. It is one of the fast and most used application worldwide. This has earned it the top notch social media app.

So many people have difficulty in uploading cover photos on Facebook app, with the feelings that it is easier to get the profile photo uploaded because it is required at initial stage of signing up.

This article entails full knowledge on how to upload Facebook cover photo.

Steps on How To Upload Facebook Cover Photo.

After logging in to the app with the registered email address or phone number and password, click on ‘Your Profile’. See the screenshot for clarity.

How To Upload Facebook Profile Cover Photo

At the spot you see the arrows, that is your profile details. Then click on the photo or camera icon with an inscription of edit cover photo. See the screenshot below;

How To Upload Facebook Profile Cover Photo

The red arrow shows it clearly. After clicking on the edit cover photo, you will be directed to your system’s or phone’s gallery to select a picture of your choice.

NB: In this process, you can also crop out unnecessary parts in the photo.

In conclusion, after the upload, you click on submit photo. Then await comments and likes from friends far and near. You may also decide to change the privacy to a limited view.


Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the need for cover photo on Facebook?

Answer: We know you have a photo on your profile, but you may have two matching photos that you want to appear simultaneously on your screen. This makes it easier.

You can also add a business photo as a cover photo while your face appear on the display profile.

Can I use any picture as my cover photo on Facebook?

Answer: In as much as the image does not contradict the policy of Facebook, you have nothing to worry about.

Who sees my cover photo on Facebook?

Answer: Everyone around the globe can see your cover photo.

How do I restrict everyone from seeing my cover photo on Facebook?

Answer: If you dislike it that everyone around the globe can see your cover photo on Facebook, go to your privacy under settings and then change the view list from everyone to just friends.

Does Facebook Cover Photo have a specific size?

Answer: Once you try to upload a cover photo, if the image you selected is bigger than the space for upload, you can crop the image to suite the space provided.

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