MTN Closed User Group: If you frequently make calls to your friends, lovers, family members, co-workers, or company staff, you’re likely spending a lot on airtime.

Therefore, MTN Closed User Group (CUG) offers you a subsidised plan to have limitless conversations with people you register with without needing to worry about airtime. Read further to learn how to register for MTN CUG.

Benefits of MTN CUG

Perks of the MTN CUG plan include:

  • Unlimited voice and text messaging between you and your CUG registered numbers
  • Reduced cost of data
  • Calls from CUG lines to any network are charged at 15 kobo per second.
  • The cost of sending an SMS message from CUG lines to other networks is ₦4.

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How to register for MTN CUG using Zailand

While MTN provides the service directly, you’ll be unable to register with them if you’re not registering up to 10 people in your CUG plan. However, some companies partner with MTN to make the service available for numbers as small as two people. One such company is Zailand.

All you need to do is send them a WhatsApp message on 08031230823 or email them with your CUG request. You’ll need to provide the following to register:

  • MTN phone numbers you want to register (They could be new or old)
  • Registered name of number owners
  • The plan you’re currently on (M-Pulse, Beta talk etc.)

The cost of migrating each line to the MTN Closed User Group plan via Zailand is ₦1,500. For example, if you and your lover are registering for the first time, you’ll be paying ₦3,000. Then the regular subscription fee is ₦650 each. Therefore, in the beginning, you’ll be paying ₦4,300 in total for both numbers.

For subsequent months, you only pay ₦650 each, and you only have to recharge airtime up to that for renewal.

FAQs about how to register for MTN CUG

People ask the following questions about registering for MTN CUG with Zailand:

Who qualifies to register for MTN Closed User Group?

Every existing MTN customer with a registered MTN SIM can register for MTN Closed User Group. Willing subscribers without a current MTN SIM will need to either switch to MTN or purchase a new MTN SIM.

How do you pay monthly for the MTN CUG access fee?

The MTN Closed User Group monthly access fee with Zailand is ₦650 per registered number.

And the access fees can be automatically deducted monthly from the customer’s monthly airtime balance.

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What if there isn’t enough airtime to renew when I’m supposed to renew?

After the 30-day term has ended, you have seven days to recharge enough airtime for your CUG renewal. The CUG access will be disabled on your line if you fail to recharge enough for your CUG subscription renewal.

What happens if a subscriber doesn’t renew their monthly CUG access subscription?

Users who fail to renew their monthly CUG membership will lose access to the service until they renew.

How do I reactivate the MTN Closed User Group service?

To reactivate, the user must add enough airtime to cover the access fee and re-subscribe over the USSD or SMS channel.

Can I migrate my SIM back to regular MTN plans from CUG?

Yes, you can. You’ll need to reach out to Zailand customer care to disintegrate your line(s) from the plan.

Final thoughts on how to register for MTN Closed User Group

Other network providers in Nigeria also provide this service. But you’ll likely have to buy a specialised SIM to use the service. So MTN solves the hassle by letting you use your existing SIM card to register for CUG.

That’s it about how to register for MTN Closed User Group. If you will, get it now!