Top 10 Profitable Digital Skills To Learn in 2022: Digital skills are computer based skills that enhance one’s ability to work online.

There are a lot of skills available online for every category of people. You may want to improve your computer sills by enrolling in some of the classes online for any of the skills.

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Top 10 Profitable Digital Skills To Learn in 2022.

This article contains a list of top ten profitable digital skills to learn in the year 2022. Below are list of digital skills you may want to learn and be more creative in your career.

List of Profitable Digital Skills 2022.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the top most digital skill every computer literate will crave to handle. This is a good insight for career opportunities.

Owning a blog means being creative, because this tends to you being a content writer trying to pass information to others and to educate them on the happenings around the globe.

Blogging mandates you have critic knowledge about computer. This is because blogging involves media capabilities such as contents and graphics, which is incorporated into website either for promotion of businesses or for educative purposes.

2. Freelance

Freelancing is a platform organized for business purposes. You could get a job done for yourself or for another person while being paid.

Freelance is an online platform that requires less training to be part and parcel of it. The needful is to create an account on the platform (, then select the categories that suit your career.

This works based on bids. Bids are business offer given freely to those registered account on freelance platform to show interest on businesses they’re interested in.

Frequent login to the portal will earn you chances of getting bids to place for jobs that are your likes.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a wonderful package of CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Ms Paint, Instant artist, Harvard graphic and other Animating graphic packages.

Designs include letterhead, complimentary cards, Identity cards, invoice, receipts, brochures, flyers, banners, jotters etc.

There are so many opportunities online for graphic designers. So being a good designer will earn you chances of getting jobs and being recommended for good services done.

4. Vlogging (YouTube, etc)

Vlogging is more of video blogging, which require a short video published for to market a product.

Having a YouTube channel is very essential here, it is a good platform for video content. Here you get the opportunity to show off your product or services.

5. Computer Programming

Computer programming involves the control programs of systems, operating system, networking, software development and database management.

Knowing how to operate the system isn’t enough, but  going deeper into the system seem better. There a huge opportunities for a computer programmer.

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6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, just as the name implies, is an online business. Where goods and services are being marketed online.

This is same as saying you take your business off the market place but take it online. There are many platforms to market your businesses. Facebook marketplace is one of the best tool for this.

Instagram is another good tool for digital marketing as well. WhatsApp business is not left out too.

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7. Data Analyst

The data analyst is a position that requires a computer model who has the qualification of either first degree or master’s degree in data analytics.

Data analyst works as the keeper of an organization or institution’s data for stakeholders who are interested in doing business to understand data analysis of their businesses and use the strategic ideas of the data analyst.

This is a good opportunity for those who are capable of analyzing data.

8. Transcriber /Translator

A transcriber is a person who translates different languages. This has a golden opportunity because you get to learn more about other languages in order to translate them to others.

9. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a trusted person in an organization who monitors, executes, filters and measures the media advertisement of a company.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimizer do the job of improving a website and its visibility to make it reachable for people who search for products or services of the company.

This is because the more visible a website is on search engines, the more it attracts businesses.

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