SystemSpecs Children Day Essay Contest 2023/2024: SystemSpecs, a technology company committed to national growth and development, has announced the 2023 edition of its annual Children’s Day Essay Competition (CDEC). The theme for this year’s competition is “Making Nigerian Children Better Citizens through the use of Technology”.

The competition commemorates the National Children’s Day Celebration and is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.

SystemSpecs has invited individuals to extend the opportunity to participate in the essay competition to their network. This includes children or wards of family, friends, neighbours, alumni groups, school administrators, social media platforms, and their state.

SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Contest Prizes

SystemSpecs has introduced a new winning category to celebrate the States with the highest number of valid entries. Winners of the essay competition will receive exciting prizes, including a high-capacity laptop, top-notch headphones, a portable laptop stand, a smart wristwatch, internet data for one year, and more.

SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Contest Submission Details

The topic for the essay competition is “Making Nigerian Children Better Citizens through the use of Technology“. Participants are required to submit their essays between March 15, 2023, and April 25, 2023, through the submission portal The essay should not exceed 1000 words for the Junior category (9 to 12 years) and 1500 words for the Senior category (13 to 16 years).

How to Apply

You can submit your essay through the submission portal at

The deadline for essay submissions is April 14, 2023.