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WAEC Result Online Checker Portal: The WAEC result checker portal holds all the results starting from the first year writing WAEC began.

All examination written from year one since WAEC was introduced, has it’s results in the online result checker portal.

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WAEC Result Online Checker Portal.

The WAEC result online checker portal is very accommodating and easily to access from any part of the country where you are.

This article contains the steps which you have to go through to see your result of previous years and the current year too.

First Step:

Go to google, search for, allow it to load.

The home page displays, then you can type in your ten digit examination number which includes your seven digit examination center number in combination of your three digit candidate or seat number.

Then choose your examination year, select your type of examination type. The two options therein is private candidate results and school candidate results.

Make your selection and enter your e-pin voucher number number this will become your personal identification number.

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Step Two:

Type in your vouchers serial number, then click the submit button and allow the results window to load and open.

Now you have your results.

Please not that you can only use your voucher card for only five times. If exhausted, getting another card will be advised.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Will WAEC release my cancelled results?
Answer: If you have list of cancelled results, it is rather not explainable if it will be released later or not.
This is because, it most WAEC centres create issues for themselves, such as malpractices, which when caught, they may not be able to defend themselves.
It will take Grace to have a cancelled result released. Other wise, retaking the paper or exam will be the best advice.

Why am I absent in a subject?

Answer: Being absent when you were actually present in the hall during an examination means, your record may not have been taken.
Exam Supervisors always take registers of students available for a particular exam. During this record, names and seat numbers of each candidate for the examination will be taken on roll call loudly.
If you miss out on this, definitely the examiner will mark you absent in the register. This automatically renders your presence as absence for that examination.

How do I get my WAEC certificate?

Answer: WAEC certificate is quite different from the statement of result. This is the certificate which shows the full participation in the West African Examination.
Most higher institution permits the use of statement of result until it is time for graduation, then the need to present the certification will arise.
Getting the certificate, will never be a problem if you do not have a hold of yours yet.
What you have to do is to go to your secondary school, where the examination was taken and make a request for your WAEC certificate.

How do I get my certificate if my school was shut down?

Answer: This shouldn’t call for panic, as you have the West African Examination Council Board, all over the states in your country.
So, visiting any of the offices with the required credentials which was used for the examination will get your certificate ready and handed over to you.

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